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Food & Hygiene Features

Standard Food and Hygiene Features

Union Industries are well aware of the increasingly stringent demands made upon the food preparation, food manufacture and production, food distribution and pharmaceutical industries to maintain a clean and hygenic working environment. The Matadoor Range of High Speed Doors include AS STANDARD the following with hygiene in mind.

Five Food and Hygiene Features on ALL Ramdoors, Bulldoors, Matadoors and Lion Doors

  • Anti-Static Additive in PVC coating of the door blade to ISO 284, reduces the friction created by the fast action of the door blade and reduces the tendency for dust in the atmosphere to be attracted and adhere to the surface of the blade.
  • Plastic End Bungs, welded seams or end caps seal the open ends of metal sections, wind brace pockets, safety buffers & safety edge dust protector to prevent the ingress of dirt and the possibility of bacterial build-up.
  • Double Thickness PVC Coating to the door blade material provides a smooth surface finish for ease of cleaning and to deter fungal growth.
  • Vermin & Bird Brush Seals to the top and bottom of the side guides.
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 Satin Finish bottom beam pressings supplied on all doors for food related industries and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

NOTE: Stainless, or Partially Stainless Steel Doors on request.