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Eiger Door, including Intelligent Eiger Upgrade

The ultimate solution Union has developed over the many years in business has been the addition of new, innovative door models to our range, brought on through our customer’s requests to solve their problems…our high speed freezer door – the Eiger Door – being a great example of just that!

Eiger Door was developed at the specific request of one of the ‘big five’ UK retailers who were experiencing high ongoing maintenance & repair costs to traditional freezer doors in their distribution centres. Around 18 months of initial development work by Union designers & engineers went into this product prior to its official launch back in 2002. Since then, there have been many tweaks, improvements and variations of this innovative fast operating cold store door, which has won awards for innovation & been recognised for its energy saving benefits. Hence why it has become the most widely know & highly-regarded door in the cold storage & frozen food sectors in the UK and Europe.

Eiger Door
Intelligent Eiger

Rising energy and business costs around 2014 led us to further develop the Eiger Door, the result of which was the launch of the ‘Intelligent Eiger’ (IE) energy saving system – a simple but clever way to capture the dry-air already generated by the doors’ own dehumidifier, store it in the fully enclosed hood cover whilst the door is operating then release it to keep the door free from ice when fully closed. Initial trials of the Intelligent Eiger system showed energy savings of up to 52% (compared to equivalent Eiger Doors without the IE system)!

Take a look at Eiger Door here for more details: