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Enhanced Air Sealing System (EASS)

A customer in the power generation sector contacted Union looking for a solution to a two-part problem whereby firstly, their existing roller shutter door could not maintain the internal 45Pa pressures required in their cleanroom due to air escaping through the laths of the door and secondly, high wind loads from the external side would also pass through the laths, fighting against the positive internal pressure. The customer’s process could not be run until a solution was found so Union’s Research & Development team worked swiftly to develop an enhancement in the form of a special ‘air-flap’ which was to be used with the Class 5 rated Ramdoor from our range. The air flap system’s primary function is to restrict the airflow from the two spaces separated by the door system by restricting the air flow over the top of the top roll when the door is fully closed. Prior to the door opening, the air flap system automatically retracts into a neutral position, allowing the door to function as normal.


The Ramdoor, fitted with this now entitled ‘Enhanced Air Sealing System (EASS)’, solved the customer’s problem by maintaining the internal positive pressures required and stopping wind being forced through the opening from the outside world. Due to its success, the same system has been adopted on more Ramdoors but this time for a site in the Defence manufacturing sector.

In a report received from the Principal Design Manager on the project the conclusion statement was “…the door has contributed to a significant reduction in the air leakage”.