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Lion Door

Lion Door

Lion Door - a small, neat, robust high speed roller door ideal for internal openings used by personnel, on conveyor systems, in-store use, and ideal for both ambient & chilled environments.


Our Lion Door, even though generally for smaller openings, is still constructed from robust materials and top quality components, as these doors are regularly used on very high volume openings, as with certain pedestrian use doorways or on some conveyor openings.


This door has been designed to be very simplistic but also very versatile - it features the same control system as some of our other doors so can accept multiple outputs for various control options.


Maximum size: 2.0m wide x 2.5m high.

Typical opening speed: 1.0m/s (variable).


Key Features

  • Variable speed drive motor with frequency inverter for greater control.
  • 750gsm PVC coated Polyester door blade material, with anti-static additive.
  • Full width PVC vision panel or fully opaque door blades available as standard.
  • Multiple control outputs for options such as Airlocks, traffic control systems and remote monitoring (BMS interface).
  • Double safety photo-cells as standard, giving protection from both the face & reverse sides of the opening.
  • Free entry into our LIFETIME WARRANTY scheme!


Optional extras

  • Various powder coat colour options to the steelwork.
  • Door blade available in White, Red, Green & Blue as standard - other colours available on special request.
  • Company logos or special text can be sign written on the door blade.
  • Option of steelwork finished to Grade 304 for high hygiene areas.
  • ATEX Zoned specifications also available.
  • Various safety optional extras available; traffic lights, flashing beacons, audible warning devices, etc.
  • Various activation methods available; induction loop, radar, pull switch, radio control, push button, etc.

Food Production, Processing & Packaging

Frozen, chilled or ambient, manufacturing, storage and distribution; the food industry in the UK & Eire relies upon Union Industries high-speed doors to deliver reliability, quality, durability and service to protect their time sensitive produce and ensure they meet JIT supply requirements to their customers.

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Union Industries equipment, though pricier than the competition at the time of purchase, must rank at or near the top of my career-best purchases.

Engineering Manager, Keystone Foods
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