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Union hits the sweet spot at Ragus Sugars with latest high speed door installation

Union Industries has continued to support the upgrade of Ragus Sugars’ facilities in Slough with a further installation of its leading high-speed industrial doors.

The latest two Bulldoors have replaced two poor performing doors at the factory’s main Vat Processing Room, that is in constant use by forklift trucks and personnel.

The British-built Bulldoors are equipped to deal with the positive pressures imposed on them by their air-filtration systems along with around the clock use, increasing productivity due to its high speed and ease of use.

Longevity was a key factor for Ragus Sugars; therefore, the stainless-steel base plinths and side guides work effectively in the wet conditions of the processing facility to ensure the doors stand the test of time.

Safety is of paramount importance, because both pedestrians and forklift drivers operate around the doors, so flashing beacons and alarms are included to activate on the opening and closing cycle to alert personnel working in the area. The use of personnel safety cloaks alongside light sensor curtains ensures that the doors only close once the surroundings are clear of objects.

Henry Eastick, Manager at Ragus Sugars said “Since 2021 we have replaced seven of our problematic and aging doors with robust and reliable Union Industries high-speed bulldoors.

“We’re constantly impressed with the speed and reliability of the doors as well as the state-of-the-art safety features such as light curtains to ensure our personnel are always safe.

Richard Tarleton, Technical Sales Engineer for Union Industries said “We’re delighted to have installed these latest high speed industrial Bulldoors at Ragus Sugars – making seven Union doors now in operation on this site.

“Our state-of-the-art of high-speed roller doors are engineered and created to be resilient, long lasting and to undergo high intensity operations, while being tailored to meet our clients’ individual requirements.”