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Union Industries Complimentary CD-Rom

We have produced two promotional CD-ROMs; one for our range of Fast Acting Roller Doors so that potential new or existing customers can see the quality of sales, manufacture, installation and service that make our bespoke rapid roll doors the most reliable in the world. And another CD-Rom to showcase our Environmental Products, namely Industrial Curtains & Enclosures. 

These very informative videos also provide a valuable insight into the ethos of our company and the excellence of the people that make Union tick.

The CD-ROMs offer a chapter menu so that users can either view the whole programmes from start to finish, or select the sections they wish to see, whether it’s for more details about Union’s design and manufacturing capabilities or whether it’s for details of each individual door type.

To order one or both CD-Roms, simply complete your contact details in the enquiry box to the left, stating whether you require a CD-Rom for Doors or Industrial Curtains, and we will pop one in the post to you. Please ensure your contact details are correct, along with your full postal address. Have a sneak preview of our High Speed Doors CD-Rom by clicking HERE.

The High Speed Doors CD-ROM also features language options for English, German language & Arabic.



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