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Union Industries segregates RAVATHERM UK Ltd’s loading bay from warehouse product storage

Union Industries is helping to improve the daily operations of a new customer with one of its best-selling Bulldoors.

RAVATHERM UK Ltd, a leading manufacturer of extruded polystyrene (XPS) for the building trade, needed a robust solution for its Hartlepool-based warehouse. Union Industries installed the Bulldoor to the goods-out area to segregate it from a loading bay to help prevent dirt, dust, insects and other foreign bodies entering the storage area.

Union’s Bulldoor is designed for larger, high use internal openings, or average sized external openings. As well as improving working conditions, controlling temperatures and maintaining high hygiene standards, Bulldoors out in the field regularly complete in excess of one million cycles a year. RAVATHERM UK’s Bulldoor is operated automatically by radar motion sensor for forklift truck traffic, giving an automatic open and close capability to the fast acting door.

RAVATHERM UK, which markets its products under the name POLYFOAM™ XPS, is part of the Ravago Group, which is a global service provider to the plastic, rubber and building industries, employing 5000 people across the world.

XPS is a closed-cell foam insulation that is lightweight, strong and moisture resistant. It provides thermal performance and strength for the lifetime of the building which contributes to a substantial energy saving and increases the comfort of the building.

Steve Moultrie, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries said, “RAVATHERM UK, like so many of our other new customers, saw our doors installed elsewhere, which prompted them to get in touch.

“Their warehouse staff need access to different departments quickly but without compromising segregated areas and the high levels of cleanliness that are required at all times. Fortunately, we’ve been able to provide RAVATHERM UK with a robust solution, extremely fit for purpose. They have already expressed an interest in installing further doors in future.”

David Noble, Plant Manager at RAVATHERM UK added, “Previously, we’ve used other door manufacturers and have, unfortunately, had to pay out on more than one occasion to get them replaced. Union Industries has provided us with an excellent solution that exceeds our expectations.”