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Expanding automotive safety manufacturer drives out the elements with Ramdoor Plus 2

Expanding automotive safety manufacturer drives out the elements with Ramdoor Plus 2

Union Industries, the UK’s market leading manufacturer of the Matadoor range of Hi Speed Doors, has installed one of its giant Ramdoor Plus 2 models to protect product from wind and rain in the huge new temporary storage warehousing structure at Automotive Safety manufacturer TRW.

The company, which produces electronic automotive safety parts in the North East, has been expanding fast and needed extra warehousing to free up production space. They overcame the problem by erecting an enormous semi-permanent, pre-fabricated tent adjacent to their factory.

Since TRW relocated from Sunderland to its current location in Peterlee in 2005 the business has expanded at a rapid rate and a new warehouse solution was necessary as more floor space was required for production in the main building.

TRW urgently needed a fast and practical solution to be able to fulful new orders from customers. They chose the Copri System of prefabricated, lightweight structures. The 2000 square metre structure was erected in four days with access to the main building through a Union Bulldoor that had been relocated from the previous site

There remained one difficulty. Two large PVC canopy curtains had been supplied with the structure as the entrance to the new warehouse. These were not capable of withstanding high winds and were impractical in use. In consequence they were invariably left open, allowing free access for wind, dirt and rain to drive into the warehousing space causing heat to escape and creating very uncomfortable conditions for the workforce.

TRW opted to install a Ramdoor Plus 2, Hi Speed door to replace the fabric curtains. To cope with the high winds which are prevalent in the area, the Ramdoor Plus 2, which measures 5.3m x 4.8m was fitted with three 4-inch diameter wind bars. The door was mounted external to the opening and securely fixed to the internal steel structure, sandwiching the PVC fabric of the tent between the uprights to achieve a sound weather seal.

The door is automatically activated by induction loops set into the ground on both sides of the opening with the addition of Push Button control. This coupled with the Ramdoor’s 1.5m per second operating speed ensures that the doorway is open for the minimum amount of time. It has reduced the problem of heat loss and the ingress of dust and dirt, greatly improving working conditions inside the warehouse and keeping the stored product in prime condition.

Manufactured as part of the Matadoor range of Hi Speed Roller Doors, the Ramdoor Plus 2 boasts a unique ‘Crash-out’ facility, which ensures the door remains operable if hit by a vehicle. Common to all doors in the Matadoor range it is supplied as standard with a fire retardant and anti-static door blade and no fewer than 12 safety devices.

Phil Yates, TRW Warehouse Supervisor, said: “As the demand for larger production areas increased we needed a quick and reliable solution. This we achieved with the Copri system. However, due to the high winds we experience on site, its canopy doors were not the best option. The performance of our existing Bulldoor was evidence enough that Union could provide us with the answer to our environmental and traffic-flow factors.”

Alan Hirst, Union Industries’ Sales Director, said: “This is Union’s first installation in a semi-permanent structure of this nature and again demonstrates the flexibility of the Matadoor range. Our previous experience of supplying our doors for many unusual and diverse applications, together with our bespoke design capability, allowed us to meet the challenges facing TRW.”

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