Union Industries

The Best of British


Thought I would send you a short testimonial regarding the 4 Bulldoor High Speed Doors that we have installed at our premises in Glasgow.

The 4 Bulldoors installed almost 13 years ago have made working conditions more comfortable by segregating the different areas of our operation including two of which work on our AGV system.

The doors cut out draughts and ingress which is due to the fast and efficient quick opening and closing of the Bulldoors.

I would have no hesitation in using Union Industries or recommending Union Industries to other companies.

Trinity Mirror Printing

Chief Engineer
Trinity Mirror Printing Saltire Ltd

We recently disposed of two Unicube shower units (3 chambers type). I have been with this company for 26 years and these two units were already here when I joined this company. I estimate the units to be approximately 30 years old.

These units were used extensively throughout that time for level 3 Asbestos Abatement, and this type of work is hard on the equipment with multiple opportunity for cuts and heavy mechanical damages. These were used in hospitals, schools, commercial sites, as well as heavy industrial plants. In addition, these units were exposed to extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Until just now, the units held very well to the site conditions but are starting to show their age, with some cuts, abrasions and other types of damages caused by our heavy use of the equipment.

Overall, we are very satisfied with this product and for that reason we are ordering two additional units for our future projects.


General Superintendent
Interprovinicial Insulation Inc.

Thank you for the professional manner you and your team approached the order, planning and installation of the Bulldoor Hi Speed Door.

The installation of the doors went without any problems, the technicians completed the work efficiently with a professional and safe approach.  The door has been operational for 2 months and is proving to be a benefit to the way we seal the loading area.

Union Industries back up the message on your headed paper 'The Best of British'.

Crown Chicken

Crown Chicken

Further to the instalment of our most recent Rapid-Roll Door, I would like to take the opportunity to thank both yourself, and the on-site engineers for providing an excellent service from start to finish.

Our distribution centre now boasts four of these reliable and extremely beneficial doors, and, considering our location, have helped us maintain the temperature within the Warehouse at a comfortable and controlled level.  The difference they have made is significant, and have solved what was fast becoming a key issue for our staff and is much appreciated!

Since our very first door was installed, I can safely say that we have not had any problems with them whatsoever, which is probably due in part to their sturdy and proficient design.

I would not hesitate to recommend these doors to any of your potential clients in the future.


Warehouse Manager



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