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Further to the supply and installation of Fast Acting Doors (3 x Bulldoors) at our site here in Jedburgh we can advise that the units continue to work reliably and effectively. This is undoubtedly due to the high standard of design and workmanship demonstrated on these products which provide the functionality and safety required for our operations.

The addition of the doors has brought benefits in improved transit conditions for our fork lift traffic and reduced heat loss from the main factory and warehouse (especially through winter) and in general contributes to an enhanced working environment.

We consider the fitting of these doors a very worthwhile investment.


Technical & Development Manager
The L.S. Starrett Company Ltd

We installed Union Industries doors about 9 years ago.

They are at the entrance and exit to our freezer and the movement through each of those doors could be up to 500 times a day.

The Eiger Doors are safe and efficient with zero ice build-up within the freezer and we have had no major issues over the years with maintenance and service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Union Industries as a service provider and I would highly recommend the Eiger Doors.

2 Sisters Green Isle

Operations Manager
2 Sisters Food Group Naas, Green Isle

As previous discussions regards door units, we have tried various suppliers – Stokvis, PH Doors, Defender, all have issues with quality of construction for repeat ability over years of operation.

The whole site is and has been fitted with Bulldoors and windbars with a range of trigger mechanisms that we have found to be reliable and robust.

Down time and repairs have been minimal, unless caused by FLT damage. Only thing that we have had issues with on commissioning was rain splatter on reflectors or sensors which was quickly rectified.

In my opinion although the initial cost is high the door justifies itself on the number of operations with minimal maintenance or servicing.

Nestle Purina

Project Engineer
Nestle Purina

We here at CPUK Bromborough have 17 Union Industries doors on site, the first door which was installed in 2009 has now reached 1,000,000 operations.  We have experienced very little in the way of breakdowns and have serviced each door around the recommended 200,000 operations.

Crash damage has also been very limited due to UI's crash out system which is very effective.

We would not consider using any other door manufacturer other than Union Industries for any other door we may replace.


Industrial Services Engineer
Cereal Partners UK



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