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Just thought I would let you know, I have heard nothing but positive comments about your guys installing the door over the last two days. I usually end up with no end of complaints about contractors on site, so this is a big deal here, and I think they should be recognised for the excellent professional job they have done. Thank you. 

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EHS Advisor

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Union Industries for replacing our problematic and expensive to run old doors over the past 12 years.

Union have made numerous improvements to the Ramdoor Hi-speed doors, including inverter panel with soft start/stop operation, Lighter curtains to replace the existing safety edges.

Union Industries pride themselves in offering the customer, very high quality products, as well as a full and comprehensive after sales support system.

One of my roles for Swissport Cargo Services is to maintain access control to security-restricted areas at all times and to ensure access is restricted to the premises. The service plan enables me to relax knowing
Union have a professional team ready to support if required.

I would definitely recommend Union Industries to anyone thinking of purchasing a Hi-Speed Door.

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Operations Support Manager
Swissport Cargo Services

We bought a Bulldoor rapid action door from yourselves at Union Industries for an external opening on our site in Manchester, which was installed in January 2011. This door solves a major issue we had with heat escaping from our factory and we are happy with the result.

The Bulldoor helps control temperatures and reduces heat loss and we decided that we should use yourselves at Union to maintain the door to keep it running correctly and safely. We have used Union for servicing the door on an annual basis since it was installed to enable the door to carry on running and doing what it’s supposed to do.

The service department from Union contact us to let us know when the service is due and the parts they use are OEM parts.

Should any other Union Industries customers wish to speak to us about our experiences with their door service, please call John Jones on 0161 230 2032.


H S & E Co-ordinator
Haynes International Ltd

We have several buildings on site - all of which need fast acting doors for access.  Union Industries have supplied and fitted all to our site.  As part of the service they offer is the Lifetime Warranty, I am so glad I chose to use this service.
The response, backup service, phone advice and detailed technical help available is second to none.  Not that the doors need constant attention, but when that incident happens you are guaranteed action and the best service.

The service plan enables me to relax knowing I have a professional team ready to meet my needs, I know the servicing is being carried out on a regular basis. My insurance company are happy that I can prove the doors are maintained to a high standard.

I would recommend, if you are investing in these doors, whatever your business a Lifetime Warranty is worth its weight in gold.  We can leave all the hard work to Union Industries and get on with our business.


Site Engineering Manager TMIET
Murphy & Son Limited



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