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Just a message of thanks for the new doors you fitted last year, which were the Bulldoor & Picadoor High Speed Doors.

We have found them to be very reliable, being that we have an air-conditioned Warehouse, so the temperatures are controlled, and we no longer have wind tunnels.

Also the Picadoors on our Clean Air Rooms are most reliable, which is why we came to you.

Thanks again.


Electrical Technician

Since we have installed the Matador high speed doors (Dec 1997) we have not had any issues or breakdowns with them. They are very reliable doors.


Engineering Stores Manager
Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd

Thought I would send you a short testimonial regarding the 3 Matadoor & 1 Lion Door High Speed Doors that we have installed at our premises in Dudley.

The Matadoors were installed November 1996 and the Lion Door in 1996 and since then have protected the areas installed from cold draughts and ingress to the building which is important for our production and stores areas which is due to the quick opening and closing of the doors.

The doors are what we consider "Work Horses" which have been easy to maintain over the last 18 and 19 years respectively.  Should there have been any questions about operation or maintenance we would simply call your Service Department who send is in the right direction which in itself is a cost saving.

I would have no hesitation in using Union Industries or recommending Union Industries to other companies as after all we have had nearly 20 years of good service from their High Speed Doors.

Shasun Pharma Solutions

Warehouse Coordinator
Shasun Pharma Solutions

I felt I must write to commend your company on the service we have received in relation to our recent purchase and installation of the Bulldoor at our Newcastle facility.

We considered several of your competitors and deliberated in detail before placing our order with Union Industries and found your openness, the option of visiting and speaking to other customers, the quality of the product and also the opportunity to visit the factory were pivotal in assisting our decision making process.

Throughout the whole process from planning through survey and to final installation and commissioning, your performance has been faultless.  The quality is second to none and I would like to say a special thanks to your installation team who had a difficult task working around our numerous deliveries which had to continue allowing us to provide 24/7 operations.

We run 24 facilities throughout the UK and I will ensure that Union Industries is a recommended supplier for any future installations.

Thanks once again for your exceptional service.


District Manager



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