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We have 2 Bulldoor High Speed Doors from Union Industries at our Hull plant which were installed in 2007. Over the course of the last 10 years these doors have been fantastic. The doors are performing as well today as the day they were fitted. As a result of these doors we found that the factory has now a more workable temperature to be in, which in turn is a more comfortable environment and conditions for all staff working in the area. There are also cost efficiencies to gain from as we have experienced for quite some time now due to heat retention.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Union Industries High Speed Doors based on how cost effecient, energy saving they are and also how they have improved the working environment within the workplace. I have found the customer service to be excellent every time I have spoken to them.

Ideal Standard

Engineering Manager
Ideal Standard

I would like you to pass on my thanks for a job well done by the install team with our recent door replacement through your company.

The two gentlemen who installed the Ramdoor Plus High Speed Door conducted themselves extremely professionally thought the whole installation, bearing in mind the area they were working has a high through put of traffic which made the installation more difficult.  

They conducted themselves in a safe manner and in accordance with NSK's stringent Health & Safety site rules and regulations to the letter.


Plant Maintenance Technician
NSK Bearings Europe Ltd

We bought a Bulldoor rapid action door from yourselves at Union Industries for an external opening on our site in Manchester, which was installed in January 2011. This door solves a major issue we had with heat escaping from our factory and we are happy with the result.

The Bulldoor helps control temperatures and reduces heat loss and we decided that we should use yourselves at Union to maintain the door to keep it running correctly and safely. We have used Union for servicing the door on an annual basis since it was installed to enable the door to carry on running and doing what it’s supposed to do.

The service department from Union contact us to let us know when the service is due and the parts they use are OEM parts.

Should any other Union Industries customers wish to speak to us about our experiences with their door service, please call John Jones on 0161 230 2032.


H S & E Co-ordinator
Haynes International Ltd

Union Industries have installed two Bulldoors on our site in the last three years. The doors are expensive especially when compared to others but it must be said they are of a much superior quality, which is the main reason they were chosen. Since the installation the shop floor personnel have commented on the noticeable difference during the colder months of how much warmer the building is, which is testimony to the heat retention qualities of the door. Both doors are covered on a lifetime warranty which gives us great peace of mind.

I would definitely recommend U.I. to anyone thinking of purchasing a high speed door.


Works Director
APS Metal Pressings Ltd



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