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Thank you for the quick response and it's nice to be able to say the 2 engineers who were on site were two great ambassadors for your company.


Granville Food Care Ltd

On Friday I had your engineers Ehren Wood and Reg Nightingale on my Basildon site to take a look at a door which was a repeat call for the same intermittent fault.
Both Ehren and Reg listened to my operators concerns with the door and the fact that it was an intermittent fault they set to work. After 30 mins of investigation it was found that vibration from the door operating was causing issues with the loop connections on the side frame, confirmed only by a tiny blip of an LED on the loop card inside the main cabinet.
They also informed the chief engineer of the fault and worked with the operators as they came up with a better to idea to run the doors in a different style of airlock mode which was better for our current operation of which our chief engineer approved.
All in all your engineers took ownership of the issue and communicated very well with technical detail and completed extensive tests on the door activation using various fork and pallet trucks simulating normal usage before they left site.
They then took time to explain to our new warehouse operators how the doors worked in respect of the sensors and the sensor limitations. They gave them certain advice to make sure the area was clear when switching on the doors as the sensors learn by mapping the surrounding area upon switch on.
They are a real credit to your company for their professionalism, technical knowledge, communication and pure determination to ensure the job was done.
Many Thanks


Head of Operations
Waymade plc

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with how the new door installation went. The engineers that first removed the old door and the engineers that fit the new door were very professional in how they worked.
We have had issues with some contractors on site in the past but If they all turned up to site with the same work ethic as your engineers did I would be very happy.
Also I would just like to say that your after care team is also a pleasure to work with.

Kerry Foods

Engineering Projects Manager
Kerry Foods

The refrigeration plants aren’t the greatest fan of summer at the best of times... but this heat makes them work hard for their living.

There are a number of clear benefits we have experienced since installing the first 3 doors at our Wrexham site almost 10 years ago.  I have bullet pointed them below.

• Diminution of snow and ice surrounding the door entrances.
• Significantly lowered damage repair costs vis-à-vis standard  
   insulated blade doors.
• Lower general maintenance costs.
• Energy payback.
• No mist / cold air fog on loading bays & reduction of energy 
  consumption due to the air conditioning units on the loading bay
  not running for so long a duration.

I am sure there are more if I put my mind to it but I think this gives you a number of significant reasons for us to continue in our use of your doors.
Norish 2018

Group Engineer



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